Living In Agony

Kennie Kayoz

I remember you, you always tried to keep me down.
Everytime I tried to change my ways or act more positive.
You found a way to dump on me.
Sneaky or upfront you always found it.

When I finally had enough, I raised myself from the ash.
I left it all at my feet as I continued to look up.
Knowing that better was out there.
Might have taken me a long time, but I finally did it.

It wasn't a easy process, at times I get pulled down.
But not to your level, I have risen above that.
I continue to watch ones foolish mistakes.

Living In Agony
Wasn't meant for this man.
Your head games were overcame with greatness.

I have let go what you have once made me believe
No longer I'm living with agony


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