Emotional Day

Kennie Kayoz

Emotional day today, spent more than a few times with tears in my eyes.
The movie bringing back all sorts of emotions and feelings.
I hope that I never have to go through it again.
Don't know how I would react a second time around.

Would I walk away in tears, or would I just completely loose it.
Tough decision to say which one I would do, think it depends on a few circumstances.
I wish I could just get away from things today.
But I keep going back and pushing play on the movie.

Feeling like I'm reliving it all over and over again.
As the tears fill my eyes.
The shakes also happen, unsure of how to calm myself
I try music, I try just burying my head in my hands.

It almost seems like nothing will calm me.
After time has passed I begin to feel better.
I feel like this has been a very long day for me.
But I know it's the emotions that are causing it to be long.


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