Under The Stars

Kennie Kayoz

I can't wait for the nicer weather.
To sit again under the stars with you.
Like the one night, it was magical.
Didn't have to do anything special just sit and talk.

Spending time with you on the couch looking up at the night sky.
Curled up next to me while you rest your head on my shoulder.
We sat and talked, didn't even plan that.
One of the most amazing evenings we ever spent.

Can't wait for us to do it again, but this year many more times.
No doubt for much longer as well.
Smelling the night air.
Feeling the breeze through the smoke room.

It will forever be one of our most talked about nights.
Enjoying you close to me.
Enjoying our conversation.
I couldn't ask for a better night.
Under the stars


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