Fucked Up

Kennie Kayoz

I'm fucked up in the head.
Will be that way till the day I'm pronounced dead.
I know that's why many people hate me.
Never had many friends growing up.

They all chose to walk away once they looked at my mind.
Seen the way I think, wondered what caused it.
Then they realized the thought patterns aren't normal.

I have a hard time being myself around most people.
Most of the time I get quiet and shy.
I blame myself for being that way, nobody else.

I'm a little fucked up, that's how I was made.
My thought patterns are nothing like the norm.
I no longer need a reason to explain the way I think.

It becomes yet another unique characteristic.
I don't see why anyone would want to be with me.
Not seeking a reason why I'm like this.


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