Kennie Kayoz

Watching people trying to inject themselves into ones life.
Like they're going to be "that guy" for "that girl"
Thinking they know what they're doing.
But they're putting themselves through a maze.

The maze changes and they have no control over it.
They just keep going in circles, trying to flash the cash.
Thinking they can just buy themselves into other peoples lives.
People see right through them.

They push themselves into a life to try and push others out.
They haven't even met the one they're trying to push out.
I don't think they would like them since they already left that bad taste.
If they happen to push the wrong button.

Someone else will have to get involved.
Slap the snake around.
If you cut the snakes head off it can't survive.
That might be what one's quick to do.


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