Flawed Human

Kennie Kayoz

Yes, I'm a flawed human. I suffer from similar flaws as the rest of my species.
As much as I try to hide certain emotions they do creep in like pieces.
Of a puzzle, but I can only showcase those in hopes of people.
Understanding that's the way he made me and it's not any loop hole.

I can't even say I'm a beautiful mess since I sit with the lights off.

In one way or another I like to hide my face so I leave something to mystery.
I don't have much interesting things about me but yet I continue to write history.
A few ways might have me be a rubix, as things get twisted and shuffled.
They're still trying to figure me out and what I stand for has many baffled.

Expectations for me are so high
It makes me wonder why
People see something great in me.
As I continue to write my own thoughts down.
What they don't see is no smile, but mostly a frown.

Have I set my bar to low.
I can't keep up because my mind runs slow.
Compared to others.
For some reason it bothers

Other people with the bad habit I have of talking down about me.
Even though they don't see it, it's what I see.
When I look in the mirror


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