Kennie Kayoz

Why, are expectations so high ?
People set these high demands and aren't happy unless they reach them.
But when I release something I'm happy if it just hits ten.
Ten reads is all my expectations ever go to.

I usually reach that on the first day
Anything more than that is just bonus.
I know not many people seek me out.
In order to read what the latest thing I've written.

Poetry is a lost art form.
Most of them are found on blogs.
People have resorted not to publish things.
To showcase talent through the world of blogs.

Or community driven websites.
I post mine on a handful of sites.
Then I release it to be distributed.
It use to be read, or so it seems.

Now it's just what I can dream.
I hope for things to get higher than they do.
But it's tough to do when it's a lost art form.
This is the bar I set, always keep it low.

I know
It's such a small number that at times I hope.
One day things will change and I can count higher.
I doubt it will happen.

Millions of other poets but no body searches us out.
We do things our own way.
In hopes of people finding there own way to us.


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