The Knife

Kennie Kayoz

Look at that beautiful thing, the chrome just glows in the light.
I could barely take my eyes off of it when the light lit up the room.
Look whose tied to the chair, it was almost a wish that was granted.
As I walk forth and my morbid intentions become just so much more.

You were such a toxic person, but you just had to inject yourself into her life.
Not sure how you won her over, I knew you were no good for her.
Everytime I walked passed you in the hallways my gut clenched
Countless years later I found out what you did to her.

You don't deserve the life that you lead.
If it was up to me, you deserve to sit in that chair and bleed.
Choosing to release your darkness that faithful day.
Perhaps it's time for my horns to come out.

Abashed the devil stood.
He shall feel how awful goodness is.
As you destroyed the virtue in her shape.


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