Spinning Sensation

Kennie Kayoz

Laying in bed starring up at the ceiling as your room is draped in darkness.
Your thoughts get the best of you, the ceiling begins to spin.
Quickly rubbing your eyes you think your losing your mind.
As your eyes regain focus your finding it spinning faster and faster.

As you fight to look away, to look at anything else you can't.
Your body is frozen to the bed, you can't move, your helpless.
Starting to hear sounds going on around you as your fixated on it.
Voices in your head that you didn't know was there creeps in.

They sound like they're mumbling at first, unsure of what to make of it.
As the spinning seems to get lower it's all that you can see.
No matter where you look your vision is engulfed with the hypnotic circles.
Giving it all that you have got.

Screaming louder than the voices have in your mind
Squeezing your eyes shut as tight as they can be.
Counting backwards, trying anything to wake up from this nightmare.
When you open your eyes, you see.....

The Knife


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