Kennie Kayoz

You sit in the darkness wondering what death would be like.
Thinking that it's the place that you see yourself in right now.
Your alone, nobody is around you. Only you can hear yourself breathe.
The thoughts inside your head become louder, you begin wondering if they're true.

Earlier in the day hateful things were said to you, they didn't stop all day.
You wondered if this was the time you chose, the time you were waiting for.
Wondering what things would be like when your not around.
Thinking that your life would be so much better.

Your courage builds as the shadows seep into your brain
They run through your body as they race through out the veins.
Thinking that's the perfect thing for you to do.
Death is what you want, it'll make it all go away.

It's not what anyone wants.
Deep down you don't want it, your stuck in the moment.
Death is a permanent solution for temporary problems.
My hand is reaching for you.

Let me be the one who pulls you from drowning in the shadows.
The darkness that dwells within.
Let's cast a light upon that.


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