You Said

Kennie Kayoz

You once said when you left my house you went to tears.
Bout how much you missed me.
I couldn't believe the affect I had on you.
Now you've gone silent after I've taken myself off social media.

But I continue to write and to my knowledge you continue to read.
It makes me wonder if this is why my backyard is drenched.
Is it the tears that ran down your face that have suddenly pooled.

I no longer know what to do, keeping myself off social media is the best
Option for me as I continue to feel the way I do.
Not like you have no ways of communicating with me.
You have more than most people.

As I walked through the backyard covered in puddles.
It makes me wonder about all the things you've said.
If your happy that you no longer hear from me.
Maybe this was your plan all this time.


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