Time To Show The World

Kennie Kayoz

As the clock struck 2 my thoughts started to be come clear.
Clearer than ever, I was told back in the day that one person shouldn't write several styles.
But here I am, never been one to stick with just one subject.
Anything my mind wants to write about I sit down and just let it bleed out.
To the paper or screen, anything for me to show you that it's not what it seems.

But then voices in my head appear and I have to give them names and persona's.
In order for people to keep wanting to keep up with what I do.
I don't understand it, why can't just one man write a thousand different ways.
I must be like Mil Mascaras with a thousand faces, but I got a thousand ideas.
Everyone of them different, I don't want to just write one way.

I want to show the world what I can do.
I need to show the world what they have been missing.
So as I sit here during the early hours I feel that I have to call it quits.
But with my other names, the other voices in my head.
I only need one, I don't need anymore than that.

I just need the one voice, I need mine.
I will continue to show the world what I can do.
I'll take the average writer and flip them into something new like a hybrid.

From this point on, no matter if I'm in the middle of something or not.
It's all going under one name, it's time to light the world up for them to see.
It's time for the world to see just how talented one can be.
Just how talented one can be.


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