Everytime I Feel Sad

Kennie Kayoz

Everytime I feel sad I notice that people seem to run.
They think it's there fault and I can't get sad without them.
In my life I have enough to be sad about.
I struggle with my life everyday.

Some days are better than others, I admit I'm not glowing with happiness.
I don't force it either, when I'm feeling down I'll admit it.
Despite turning over a new leaf I don't see it changing my moods.
Can't help but question things from time to time.

Got very few friends, can't help but ask them "why?"
Why do they actually care about me.
Why do they actually want to keep me.
Not sure if it's a mental health thing or just me.

My mental stability hasn't been much different.
Seems to be a very fragile state at times.
When people get close to me, they do see the real me.
I pull open the curtains and show them what the world doesn't.

When sadness erupts like a volcano, I let them know.
Maybe that's why I don't have many friends , that makes them go.
Always thought friends were suppose to be here through the bad times.
Never had that one friend to just randomly call.

Just to see how I'm feeling today.
Telling me they're here if I ever need them.
Telling me they're here if I ever need them.


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