I'm A Nobody

Kennie Kayoz

I know I'm a nobody, I write for the small crowd that comes to read.
In the world of poetry nobody knows who I be.
I'm just a drip in the ocean.
But I'm ok with that.

It's been 16 years and nobody knows me.
I knew this wouldn't happen overnight.
Nor the next day.
But I keep doing what I do.

I keep writing what I know.
Keep spreading my stories for all to read.
Always second guess, did I choose the right platform.
Am I looking left when I should be looking right.

So many thoughts flow through my mind.
Am I doing something wrong.
Or am I doing it all right.


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Touched my heart

A powerful read. Composed beautifully. 




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Thank you for your comment I

Thank you for your comment I appreciate it

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