The Struggle

Kennie Kayoz

Every so often, sometimes more often that not.
Things happen, it makes you take a step back from your life.
To reexamine things if you will, was it worth it. Will it be worth it
It could be just a little something, or it could be a big something.

It really gets you to scratch your head and contemplate life.
I know that life is full of struggles, it's full of moments that make you scratch your head.
But certain times if you don't stop and take a step back from life.
You might get caught up in it and lost, you might loose your way.

We all go through these struggles, sometimes more often than others.
The important thing is to take a step back and think about things.
To clear your mind of the situation.
When you appear to be up to your neck in it, you don't think clear.

People don't understand that it's OK to take a step back from life.
We know that life doesn't have a pause button, although at times we all wish it would.
But your allowed to take a step back and look at life from another angle.
I don't always recommend you talk to friends about certain life decisions.

But that's just me and growing up I didn't have many friends.
So ninety nine percent of my life choices were made by yours truly.
I admit that at times I rushed into decisions when I didn't think.
When you get stressed out at times that's what you do.

It's life and we all do make mistakes, no life is perfect.
Might look that way to the untrained eye, but when you dust it off. It's not.
We all have our own choices that we have to make.
Nobody can help us with life except ourselves.

I do find it tough to ask for advice from people.
Since I've learned that everyone will do things differently.
This isn't a video game, we're not run by artificial intelligence.
This is life, each person has there own unique thought patterns.

We all have our own unique ways of thought.
Ways of communication.
Ways of doing everything.
Next time you have that moment you struggle with, take a step back and think.


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