Too Much Thinking Is Bad For My Health

Kennie Kayoz

I've put many people in positions in my mind that they say they wouldn't do.
Lying to me or cheating on me, when they tell me the opposite.
I tend to over think everything, all possible scenarios.
If they want to do those things to me, I'll gladly let them.
It tells me that they're not worthy to have me in there life.

Some people have a revolving door of friends.
Mine is locked from the inside.
I don't let many in, I let more out.
Trust doesn't come easily to some, I'm the same.

Too much thinking is bad for my health.
It keeps me up at night.
It takes over my life and ruins my thoughts.

Need to start clearing my mind
Cleansing my thoughts.
Everyone can hurt me .
I'll walk away from it all.


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