Looking For Light

Kennie Kayoz

Looking For Light

Spent the last countless years drowning in darkness.
Having to make people feel sorry for me to feed off it.
The last time I had those feelings I was walking the halls.
High school made me feel that low, but other thoughts flooded my mind.
At times I didn't know if I was going to get out of it alive.
Or was I going to turn my life over to the darkside.

Maybe that would have been the only way I found out.
That people cared about me, that they didn't want me to do what I was doing.
Only one of them stepped up and showed me that, I freaked out. I ran.
She never seen me again, she didn't know if anything happened.
Having to make someone else feel sorry for myself isn't me.

I hated that side of me when it came out.
I can still hear my soul screaming out.
Wondering what the fuck am I doing.
Made a promise to myself years ago that I wouldn't put myself through it.
But yet here I sit and I continued to go through it for years.
I thought that's what I needed to do to be accepted.

Then an angel came to me, she woke me up.
Showed me that I didn't have to act like that or be that way.
She tossed me a rope filled with compliments as she helped me climb out of the hole.
Showing me that I didn't need to change.
That I was perfect the way I am.


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Very nice and inspired

Very nice and inspired writing!

Thank you for sharing that!

Best wishes,




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