Dear Robbie




I seen your poetry and I wanted to write you.....

My arms are cut up, but I'm not embarrassed.


Everytime my life goes down the rough road I run for the razor.


I feel like my parents don't love me.


My friends... What friends would I be talking about ?


The guy in that picture is my boyfriend, he always says he loves me but uses his fists to do so, but I know he means well.
Or so he keeps telling me when my face is bruised and begins to swell.


My name is ____________ and I stumbled upon your stuff on _____________
You seem wise beyond your years and always dropping compliments and encouraging people.
So I thought I would reach out to see if you could help.


At night I sit and stare at the computer screen and I feel that I should just end my life cause I'm tired of putting in all this time and getting nothing back.
Can you help me Robbie ?



Your Fan

I visit this site and people keep paying me compliments and telling me I'm beautiful.
Each time I show more and more skin, is when I start feeling better about myself as greater compliments start to roll in.
Every waking moment I am finding myself on this site feeding off the energy, for once I feel like I got friends.
I'm addicted to giving people what they want, I keep doing what others ask of me and they keep telling me that I'm beautiful so I feel encouraged to do more.
I always do the photos in the bathroom to try and hide things from my parents.
Everytime I roam down the street I have my head hanging low.
As everyone looks at me and sees my body
I know doing so is wrong but that's the only love I feel anytime I log on.
I really like your poetry
I need some help, my real name is ____________

I'm a big fan I read your stuff everytime I get down, it's like you understand what I'm going through.
I just started at a new school in a new town and trying to make some new friends but I have a hard time believing that I'm a good christian girl.
My life has gone through so many ups and downs and seen so much turmoil.


I've gotten to the point of just wanting to down a bottle full of pills
By the way my name is _____________ it's pronounced like ___________

Hey all;


Wish I could write and talk to everyone out there, showing them that there's a better life for them out there everyone goes through struggles I know I have... I still have one or two cuts on my arm that are still visible.
I'm not the one who goes running there mouth saying that life is all great and I have no idea what any of you are talking about.
I've gone down my share of rough roads, at times I'm still surprised I'm alive but I guess that's when God rose up and showed me my way.
I just had to be strong and tough out what I went through.
The tears that raced down my face God was there to wipe them off to later show me there's a better way.
Even when I thought things looked most grim.
I always looked in the mirror and asked “why not do myself in ?”


“Who would miss me, what would they care ?”
But you have no idea what affect your life has on this world.

Pick up a pen and start writing, show the world what they all have coming.
One day you'll be able to show the world was you and what is now true.

God is looking out for you



Robbie aka Mr Love Zone.


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