Love Me Some Bigger Ladies

Ken Squires


Tired of walking around malls hearing ladies say.


“I wish I could find Mr right”


but while your dressed like Mrs Slut.
If you knew how to present yourself things would be different.
I would take a bigger lady over you any day.
I wouldn't tell her to loose weight.

I would gladly tell her how beautiful she is.


Each and every day.
Even though I know she wouldn't believe it.
Since it's the past that she's taking that from.
But be with me enough and hopefully you'll see it.
If you hang out with me enough you prob won't want to leave.


Since you'll be afraid that there be no one else there out like me.


You'll be out there busy trying to find my replacement


Only to get that precious heart of yours always broken.
Needing someone to fix it up
You'll come back to yours truly, who'll pick it up.
Each time mending that beautiful heart.


Each time asking you why do you put yourself through that.

Each time you wanting to curl up and be with me.
As deep down you know there's not really any other guys out there like me.



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