Nice Guy, Finished Last

Ken Squires

I've always been the nice guy.
People used as the door mat in life.
Walking all over, while leaving me behind.
Always doing what I think others should do.
Always trying to be what others should be.
Holding the doors, letting everyone go first.
Being told I'm not right for this job.
While dying a little inside.
Smiling through everything as if nothing was wrong.
Life continues to pass me by, even on this day.
Always over hear people say "oh that's so nice of you"
But always feeling as if they're glad they didn't have to do what I just did.

When I don't do those things.
You talk shit about me to your friends.
As I'd be the psycho in the corner.
The one that nobody chooses to talk to.
But you seem to have me figured out.

As I continue to be the nice guy who finished last.
I'm also that guy who the world turns around and blasts.

- Kennie -

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i liked this poem, alot of raw feeling behind it, however you jump back and forth between present and past tence allot and it takes away from the poem. for example line two, id cut the word people unless you add the word me but then in line three i would say walking all over me, while being left behind. again its a good poem but needs some scrubing. good job.

It's last life is spent tormenting your dreams-zombie cat

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Thanks for the comments, as

Thanks for the comments, as for jumping back and forth that was the original idea behind it was kinda go to both past and present... I normally try and keep my stuff on the raw side of things... If you met me you'd know I'm far from a polished person and I try to keep the way I write rather similar to the person I am..

Thanks again for the comments.

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