If My Time Ran Out ?

Ken Squires

If my time ran out, would many people notice
Would it matter to few or none at all
At times I sit and think about how my life has affected others

In both good ways and bad ways
What if my time has clicked over to overtime
I should have chosen my path to go right but I chose left

I've never been any good at making decisions
If my time ran out tonight, how long would it take before anyone noticed
Would I lay in bed for a day before anyone checked on me

What would life be like after that happened
At times I wonder if we all have a clock above our heads counting backwards
Until the time that our life will expire, but we can't see it. Nobody living can.

But the ones who have passed can see it as they roam the same plains as us
Unable to change the outcome or give someone more time
All they can do is sit and watch, like a slow motion reply.

Nothing can be done except waiting until the end, you can't warn the person
Almost like the sands of time, watching each grain fall.
As the top gets close to being empty, you feel like the last bit takes a eternity.

Once again slow motion kicks in watching, but the person doesn't know
Only the ones who have passed.
What if my time ran out ?


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