Mirrored Reflektion

Ken Squires

It all started in a small town. Filmed crews were destined to take over the town to shoot a second season of a tv horror series.
Prepping the streets in the evening, as they planned on shooting at night the filmed crew did everything that they could to let the locals know about the tv show and when they were shooting. But not everyone got the memo about it, one late night shift worker who makes his way up main street around the stroke of midnight was unaware what was going on.

As the crews yelled action and the scene played out while things rolled, Robbie made his way home for the night through the small dark town.
When he walked onto main street and started to make his way up it, he seen what was a filmed scene but not being aware of what was going on he walked right onto the set. He heard a woman scream and come running from the darkness hands covered in blood as she grasped Robbie thinking he was an actor and cried out “save me, he’s trying to kill me” .. Then all of a sudden he heard someone yell “CUT!” the lady looked at him with her kind eyes and said “you were excellent” as crew members began to gather up the cast when they came across her and Robbie striking up a conversation when they got close one of the crew members said “Excuse me, but who is this ?” The lady replied with “this was the guy who I was suppose to run up to and grab and ask to save me” the crew member replied with “that wasn’t suppose to be shot right now” .. That’s when they realized that Robbie was just an average citizen making his way home at night, they apologized for any inconvenience that they may have caused the lady gave Robbie a hug and a kiss on the cheek and walked off. Robbie scratched his head looked around and continued to make his way home the rest of the way with no interruptions. Once he got home he did the usual of making himself dinner, having a shower and climbing into bed to relax while he watched tv to drift off to sleep.

As noon came, his alarm went off to wake him up. Robbie awoke and scratched his head and looked around his bedroom where he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.
He made his usual morning trip to the bathroom to do his thing and he seen his shirt covered in what looked like blood when he scratched his head again and asked himself “what the fuck ?”

He heard his TV play a warning signal like an important message was coming in.
So he walked out to view the tv, as the news came on with “we interrupt this broadcast to bring you a important update”.. they started to talk about a violent attack on main street that left a woman bloody. They also interviewed the woman who Robbie swore it was the same woman from last night whom he ran into on the way home.
She went on great lengths to talk about what happened last night, as she continued to talk Robbie roamed back into the bathroom and picked up his clothes covered in what appeared to be blood and picked them up, he looked at them and dropped them to the ground, he looked directly into the mirror and he asked himself “am I that monster ?” … “did I do something last night that I don’t remember ?”

He splashed some cold water on his face and shook the thought off, certainly it can’t be me he said. I have a good memory and I would remember doing something of that nature, besides I’m not that type of guy. The lady gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug last night. It can’t be me, it just can’t be.

To be continued…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just chapter 1, it's 4 chapters in total.

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