My Three Homies

Ken Squires
As I was sitting on the front porch looking at the small town.
I took a deep breathe
To try and shake my depression
Closed my eyes and remembered good times.


Remember my friend Robbie also known as MLZ to some.
We use to hang out, talk and joke all about the looks we got.
Always got looks like we were wearing Halloween masks.
Not the nicest looking guys, Hard to meet women.
But we enjoyed many laughs.

I then remembered another friend Kenny Roberts.
Sometimes we got called "the two Kenny's"
We enjoyed hanging out watching horror movies.
October to us was horror month.
Finished with Halloween.

I then opened my eyes..
Stopped what I was doing and looked around.
I had no friend name Robbie also known as MLZ.. That was just me.
Nor did I have a friend named Kenny, that was me too.

I've been naming the voices inside of my head.
So that I would have "friends" to talk to.
No wonder people look at me like I'm crazy.


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3rd Person Addressee

I am referring to myself as "she" and addressing her out loud. You must be honest as she is me and I know all about her. Maybe this is preamble to splitting. I hope so :D