The mirror never lies. Or does it?

Ken Squires

The mirror never lies. Or does it?

I sit and stare at the mirror
I see nothing but a monster starring back at me.
How can this be, I didn't think I was one.
I try to do good when I can.

I always help people when I can
I know nice guys finish last but maybe it's finally getting to me.
Do I have no choice but to continue to change.
I reach my right hand to scratch an itch.

It's not my hand it's a claw
Just as if I had a demon inside of me.
People always feel a cold presence when I'm near.
I never understood that till this mirror showed me.

I take a step back and close my eyes.
I cover them and count to ten.
When I open my eyes I see me starring back at myself.
Was it all an illusion
Or is my dark passenger, darker than I realize.


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