As I stand in an oh-so quiet room, and feel my strained, tired heart go boom, I look around and see many, many people staring at me. Why won't they just let me be? Why am I here for them to see? Well... because they're just like me. I was a fresh, healthy young man who strived to be the best that I can. I ran and sang and, with others, had fun. Then society had to shoot me with a gun.

I worked in an office. It became a stressful and frantic place. When I was given papers to sort, it never was with grace. Get it out of my face! The workload grew just too much, and I grew cold to the touch.  I then found a friend, a friend which I could never end. every day, I would go out of my way to buy, to buy more forms of my friend. I ordered some more which Amazon would send. It was a spiral into darkness, just like my colleague David Harkness. 

My wife left me... I was free! No, I was a selfish bastard! No consideration for others, neither my daughters or my brothers. They also parted ways, because of my delusional gaze. Then I was left in this cold, cold world. That empty Vodka bottle? That's what I hurled. I hurled it at society, far from soberiety, filled with anxiety. What a riot, eh? My whiskey, oh whiskey! That warm burn should have made my stomach churn, and caused me to gurn. it didn't! It made me feel at home. At home in my warm bed, next to my wife, reminding me of my 'good life'. 

My brain was prayin', prayin' for mercy. Wow! I miss a chat with my pal Percy. Memories came flooding, flooding back. Wow, no balance! I fell and cracked my back. I'd had far too much of the good old 'Jack. I woke up in hospital. I was back! The doctors told me I had a heart attack. Last night the world seemed black, but really, that's utter cack! 

I chose, as I rose, that I would never drink again. Hey, actually, I'll pick up my pen. Writing is a hobby, and I'm not meaning to sound gobby, like my neighbour Bobby. It escalated again, very, very quickly. The thought of ginny made me very, very tickly. Oh no! It's happened again. 

Three months later I had a stroke. I know, what a joke! Now I'm fine, unlike the wine. With motivation, and medication, I pulled myself upwards, upwards from that dark, dark spiral. Today, the sun will shine!

Now I'm here, standing before you all, pretending I hate my alcohol. I've now opened up to you, and I know you will to me too. I will get the better of 'the brew'! Time to introduce myself finally eh? I hope to get better, I will prey! Now I can give that board in the hall a tick. Hi, my name is Nick Wall, and I'm an alcoholic!