ReConfigured: That Balcony Scene

Clad in white panties
and sheer gold aRTsy stockings,
and only these, you
step on to the balcony;
summer night becomes sultry. 


Workweek concerns are
totally abandoned with
your other clothes, and
the shoes you despise: this is
our weekend, and not the job's


Standing or seated,
you are surrounded by stars
(from my perspective);
the perfect backdrop for your
naked, voluptuous curves.


The full moon's light glides
along your stockings, eager
(despite "fashion sense")
to play with the soft, opaque
weave that sheathes your heels and toes. 


Beauty such as yours
inspired the ancient poets
to trace the night's stars
in storied constellations---
lines led by their Muses' curves.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe that the term aRTsy is original with me.  I coined it to describe the reinforced toes (RT) of my Muse's stockings, and to iimply the artist beauty of that style.  I realize the phrase "reinforced toes" appears often in my poetry; aRTsy may takes its place going forward.

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