ReContoured: She Muses Plantagenet History [Redux]

Richard?  That is true (but some say it shocks)

he asked to be made Governor of the North,

and one nice day they gladly sallied forth---

he, and his Lady, Anne, and a couple of servants.

He and his Lady are very much in love,

in a court where friendships are unstable as silt;

temporary alliances are the common courtiers' lot.

The court provides too much company,

and that often leads to whispered calumny.

Richard and Anne prefer only their own intimacy

to be enjoyed nightly in the cold North's privacy,

after supper provides the culinary prelude

to their mutual and giggly amorous mood.

On their bed is a most enormous, hand-stitched quilt.

Beneath it, or so I have been quietly told,

they will never be distracted by the cold;

but even cuddled together and totally nude

(unpurse those lips, I am not being rude!),

they will be delectably warm, even hot,

spending their nights' long hours in breathless pleasure,

through all of his variations without measure

for only they can count and value that sum,

and how many times even without number,

until, at dawn, even the sun will rise and come

in windowed pink light, as they begin to slumber.

And Lady Anne is such a curvacious fox!

Lord Richard adores her with such fervence.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not intended to be either a caricature or a teenagers' worn-out fantasy.  I first began to study Richard III, seriously, in spring, 1974, for my first actual, footnoted, research paper.  I have only recently learned that his marriage to Anne Neville was actually an intense, very intimate, relationship.  He was murdered, by the upstart Henry Tudor, on Bosworth Field, not long after Anne had passed away.  Richard, a trained warrior and excellent strategist, may have no longer wanted to live in a world from which Anne was absent, and so preferred regicide to suicide---which, in his Catholic faith, would have been the better choice.  Henry Tudor's battlefield victory was hollow compared to Anne's romantic victory over Richard's heart, from the days when they were teenagers together.

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