ReContoured: To (klr), Internet Poet

The arduous effort to find examples

of your poetry---Tanka and others---

is rewarded by the finding, a hundredfold.

You remind me of the great purpose:
the poem's existence, and no just posting; free
of editors' tyrannic tirades;

launching the lines along the Internet
to any and only those who cherish your words.


As Dante said, and Eliot borrowed---





Author's Notes/Comments: 

The final line is a quotation from Dante's Divine Comedy, Canticle II (The Purgatorio), Canto 26.  Random browsing recently brought me to some of klr's poems, and I felt, once again, that thrill of personal discovery that filled my adolescent reading but, at my present age, rarely happens.  (The poems, here on postpoems, of Patricia Joan Jones, have also provided that rare thrill as well.)


klr signs her poems, the few that I can find, as (klr).  I respect her work enough to retain that form in the title of this poem.

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This is brilliant, perfectly

This is brilliant, perfectly said . . . I feel the same way about those jewels on the internet, and I believe I've read work by kir. I love the way you described freedom from "editor's tyrannic tirades" . Amen! This is gold..

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Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!


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P.S. Thank you for the kind

P.S. Thank you for the kind words. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your encouragement. 

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I love watching you post each

I love watching you post each new poetic accomplishment.  Your poems are like stars' light---radiant, comforting, and always constant.