ReContoured: She Muses Genesis 2

". . . And they were both naked . . . and were not ashamed."

---Genesis, 2:25


Take a good look at her, Adam:
then, with tears in your eyes, thank the LORD
your God for His poetic artistry---
creating from your rib the supreme
expression (in all of the cosmos) of beauty.
Loneliness has been banished forever.


Consider with contemplative breathlessness
her naked curves, soft and fulsome;
her long hair falling in small, tight ringlets
over her ample breasts (although
her erect nipples remain teasingly uncovered).
Those gorgeous bare feet are ready
to glide across Eden's soft surfaces, to trace

with eager, delicate footsteps the rise of your love. 


She is here to inspire all of your senses,
and to teach every part of your body
the ways of worshipping every part of hers---
without doubt, without hesitation.
And yes, that sudden change in your own contour
is perfectly natural and will with her guidance
yield to you the surge of unspeakable pleasure
as two bodies become one and two souls merge

in the giddy exploration of each other.
Her curves will lead you along these lines, in time. 


She is the final and full summation
of the LORD your God's completed creation:
you will see the farthest stars through her eyes,
and the song on her lips cannot be sung by angels.
Her presence is the axis of the cosmos,
and she will gently teach you what that means.


She is Eve, the Mother of all;
the pinnacle of the universe;

the always better and best part of your self;

the completion of your existence here---
the promise of the LORD'S love for you both, enfleshed.



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