ReContoured: Summer, And A Couple Of Lovers, Next Door

Take notice, if you will, of the young
adolescent next door:
his parents are gone for the day,
and he has the back yard to himself.
He is out there now, enjoying the sun,
with no one to rebuke him parentally---
because they are admittedly ashamed of him.
He is slender of frame, and his appearance
is almost feminine (in the view of some).
His long hair falls in tight ringlets
over and below his shoulders.
His eyes are outlined with kohl.
Today, he has chosen a cropped tee-shirt
and cut-off denim shorts a little tight;
and with these, he wear a pair of thigh-high socks,
light gray, and, for now---unimpeded by shoes.
The sun seems to enjoy his company, too.
The light plays, with summery warmth, all over him.
Echoes of parental voices cannot shame him today.
The afternoon has begun, and Love will have its way. 


When she swings the back gate open, he lights up
almost like a miniature sun himself.
She is curvaceous and fulsome, despite
the disapproval of her peers at school,
but school is not in session now, not today.
She, too, has chosen a cropped tee-shirt
with hot pants (so popular then, the Seventies),
and dark blue thigh-high socks, the soles now grimed
from her five minutes' walk here to be with him,
Her blue eye shadow matches the tint of her hair,
Her shy, but honest, smile matches his in ardor. 


The world, through parents and school peers,
has condemned the styles these two chose for themselvesl
and condemned, even more vociferously,
the love they have chosen for each other.


They will play some casual rounds of lawn croquet;
and then, behind the far back shed, a session
of heavy petting, as it was called back then.

Having indulged this glimpse of their mutual beauty,
we shall withdraw and leave them to their privacy
as they have left us with this poetry,
in which we shall devote some syllabic measures
to trace the contours of their eager pleasures.




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roseblossoms's picture

Love it all, but the ending

Love it all, but the ending was 

cute! Privacy and imagination

are both a good thing!



Starward's picture

Thank you so very much.  I

Thank you so very much.  I really appreciate the comment.  Even though the characters are fictively based on reality, I still want to respect their privacy!