ReConfigured: Following The Proton-Proton Chain

Created in the sun's seething core,
by the fusion of hydrogen to helium,
emerges from the solar sphere
to cross ninety-three million miles
(unimpeded by the darkness),
to make its pilgrimage to the earth;
and to, and then through, her window pane,
past the lace curtains drawn back,
to offer its homage to her. 


At morning's rise, she put on lace panties;
and with them, a pair of sheer, gold stockings---
tranlucent to the soft opacity
reinforced around her toes and heels.
having finished the one way
journey of seven minutes
(and unimpeded by the local haters),
caresses and thrusts against those gold stockings;
radiance like a multitude of tongues tasting
the sheerness of the nylon
and the delicate weave of her panties' lace;
then moving along her otherwise naked curves
to warm them like a multitude of kisses,
preceding my own intentions---
and the sevenfold surge of my desire---


as soon as I can come to her.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The proton-proton chain is the method by which the sun fuses hydrogen to helium, with the byproduct being the light which shines upon us.


I apologize for the naughty pun in the final line. ;)

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