Offspring Treason


I'm so damn beaten down,

still so emotionally abused,

Cruelly, verbally attacked,

...and so wrongly accused. 


From such spiteful, hurtful,

and hateful, misguided fools.

Influenced by others, not aware,

they are being used as tools.


Tools, just out to hurt me,

for no actual, damn reason. 

My own flesh and blood-

-An 'offspring-treason'.


May as well twist out my heart,

and throw it there, on the floor.

Because it can't take this pain,

or this hurting, anymore.


All I've done is try harder,

and cry too many endless tears.

Anything I even try to say,

falls upon, deafened ears.


They can't see what they do,

through such tainted eyes.

And no more can I take,

all the vicious attacks and the lies.


I birthed them, I nursed them,

I raised and susatined their very lives.

Just to now be paid back in full,

with their back-stabbing knives.


It shames me now, to admit,

this abuse, by two children of mine.

Taught so well by him, how to hurt,

and how to abuse and to malign.

For I did not raise them with hate,

only showed them my love and affection.

Their outcome-a result of watching abuse,

and learning all about, his rejection.


They are too tainted now, to see truth,

though I pray it someday, can be done.

For even through all this heart-wrenching pain,

I still love my daughter, and my son.