It's The Little Things...that hurt the most...


The way they forget you-

Don't ever mention or 'tag' or post to you.

No longer, or ever, take a pic.

Don't ask about,

let alone care if you even live-

or start a conversation with you,

unless they needed something...

but even that is less now

when they know,

you have even less, to give.


How Mother's Day is nothing much

but just another empty day.

Birthdays, even special ones,

are even less

without even a simple card.

I don't ask for gifts or much-

But being remembered?

Shown care and some attention?

Is loving me now that I left, 

really that damn hard???


How they blow you off

again and again,

like a burdon or nuisance

and hardly ever,

or never call.

Occassions are nothing 

so I guess, are just like me.

I'm an afterthought,

if I'm even a thought,

if ever, in their hearts, at all.


How they don't make the effort

let alone the time for.

And in the times, there are with them,

they ignore, or mock, belittle-criticize...

Me-yeah, well, I'm just the fun, they poke.

And I just smile, and laugh along,

happy and starved fool, for

even a tiny bit of their time-

like I 'got' their humor,

...when actually, I AM their joke.


For it's all one-sided love and caring

and now, just tearing

and weighing me down.

So once again, later on,

I'll just wait, to let it out and cry.

with a heavily burdoned,

weary and broken heart.

It never, ever seems to change,

No matter how much...

or how hard, I try.

I don't even know 

what to do anymore-

Short of pleading and begging,

and wondering what,

so wrong, it is, that I did.

But this I know, more than anything else-

I'll keep loving them forever but,

oh how very sad and true it is,

that they certainly learned from him,

...what they certainly lived...


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