Growing Pains


I have come to the conclusion

that sorrow has come to

stretch out my heart for

the expansiveness of Love


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Spilling out pain Allowing

Spilling out pain

Allowing for love 

Filling for empty spaces

Copyright © morningglory

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"filling for empty

"filling for empty spaces'....I love that ! Thank you, dear poetess




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Intelligent Ode

What a brilliant flow you've made these words go to.

Each pause is like taking a full breath once between each a full thought.

What pleasure you've baptized with an Ode of Intelligence; and truly

Your significant idea is like that which the everlasting utterance beckon

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Thank you for your time and

Thank you for your time and wonderful comment, dear poet Smile

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Comforting thought

i like the sentiment of this. Nice! 

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Thank you for stopping by.

Thank you for stopping by.

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And if one has enough

And if one has enough emotional

collagen the heart will be free

of stretch marks and bounce back

from sorrow and still have room

for love 


just being silly! It’s a great thought 

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" emotional  collagen"...I

" emotional  collagen"...I love that expression ! A few stretch marks only means you have lived a while. Your heart is still beautiful, I am quite sure of that. Peace and joy to you and thank you for stopping by.


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Thanks and you’re vey

Thanks and you’re vey welcone!

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That is absolute truth,

That is absolute truth, brilliantly expressed.

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Thank you, dear poetess

Thank you, dear poetess