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At the very least you should know that I am passionate about music, poetry and anything related to writing. I usually tend to write about heartbreak and loss but honestly I'm generally a happy person and I don't dwell too much on the past unless its to spark my creativity. I'm very open to criticism and I don't let any negative criticism deter me from my goals. I actually appreciate people being honest with me upfront and I severely loathe (loathe is too strong of a word) hypocrites. With that said....... I'm glad to make your acquaintance fellow prose writers.

About My Navel

My navel? My navel?
I don't think I'm able
to speak or to share
to even start to compare
let alone label
describe or decide
if I should even go there
what words should I use?
do words even matter?
should I lie on this site
in order to flatter,
my navel
I'm grateful
that I have one that gather's
lint,dirt and sweat,
saliva,and soap lather...........


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