spirituality in life is what we all need

we all live by outside appearences

and we all have greed

we need to change our our perseverances

to get on a better track

we always start to do better

but then we start to lack

lets give eachother a helping hand

lets fight off worldy temptations to take a stand

these problems are taking over our nation

how bout this ive got a plan

lets rid the word hate

we can renew the word LOVE

follow the teachings from up above

set us free like a dove

have no fears

do no bad

this is the world id LOVE to have

call no names

steal no belongings

for this i have been longing

a perfect world is in the midst

lets try it out

i LOVE this risk

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Great writng, a nice topic but a pointless and conclusively false hope. Life is screwed but u gotta get over that. Great writng though, i loved it anyways ^_^