Fred the Shark

I met a shark, his name was fred
Good day to you, the killer said
Good day indeed! It is for you
With teeth so sharp and meat to chew


Fear not, said he, the sanguine fish
To dine on you is not my wish
My end is near and soon I'll rest
So calm your nerves and be my guest


So swam with him, did I, 'til deep
Where darkness grows and monsters sleep
To gray and black, his lightless den
Where sand enshrouds the bones of men


And there I sat in death and gloom
And wondered then, was this my doom
But Fred the shark seemed quite intent
To tell his tale so off he went


My tale, said he, the shark named Fred
Is one of greed and death and dread
From tropic coves to frozen seas
I've spun my web of misery


My appetite I've never filled
The hunt my vice, My thrill the kill
I've hungered on for endless days
No justice met, no price to pay


And what I found when twilight came
Was all the world was still the same
No simple pleasures did I take
On distant dreams I had no stake


Now all things end, this truth I know
From dust I came, to dust I go
And this I say to you, a man
To truly live while you still can


And then he smiled, I stared in awe
So small was I, so great his maw
But no more blood would those jaws steal
For Fred had swallowed his last meal


He took a breath through aged gills
He shuttered once and then lay still
Then all was quiet, no more was said
For Fred the shark was with the dead


And so I left that darkened lair 
And swam back home to light and air
Back to the world with more to give
Back to life I'd yet to live


So ponder now before you're dead
Of wasted time and sharks named Fred
We float through life and never see
The shark in you the shark in me

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