Im sick of arguen and sick of fighting,why did god bless me with u?, u dont do nothing but lie, u tell me one thing but tell yo boys something else, u though I wasnt going to find out?, u thought I wouldnt ask?, did i do something to u for u to do me so wrong?, but than I think all this is on u, u cant see u have a good girl when its right in yo face, yo boys told u hittin on me wouldnt get u no where, u knew sooner or later I was about to leave, so u made up a plain to get me to cum see u, lil did I know that would be my last time seeing day, u pulled me in the house n started to scream n yell, I couldnt do nothin but stare, i thought to myslef " what am i doing here?", I kno he than went crazy did he just hit me dead in my face?, I come bac to the living and sees hes killing me slowly, I know I have to get out I gotta break this off I cant take this anymore, I said to myself as I got up, I punched him dead in his jaw, he knocked me across the face, I felt so much pain but i wasnt going to show it, so I just start hittin him like no tomma, he knocked me out cold I could still hear what was happening but couldnt move, I thought OMG girl u a fool, he was about to kick me again but I grab yo leg, picked up the knife n stab u in yo bad leg, I ran out in the open screamin 4 help, but the last thing that greeted me was the bullet that went threw my head

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lil of these happened to me but not the whole thing aight

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