You're appearance is self deprecating 

Yet you must love yourself enough 

To have faith in your ways of annihilating 

Especially without notice 

They always say you've got a halo,

You're a precious soul,

Not known to harm

Though look at me

I cut it deep

Deep enough for you to feel,

But you can't touch 

With your fingertips on other mouths

And your empty space is what carves me the most

An indecisive mind is what ruins all

Indecisive, but surely knows what it owns

With a confidence bold enough 

To get over and under skin 

Indecisive and clever,

Reflecting emotions for sympathy

Looking into a mirror makes me weak, as it would

All the things said made me ache,

While behind the glass, is a boy far from empty

Underestimating the strength of that glass separating, is the boy that couldn't get any deeper 

Never playing fair, 

Breaking the glass, I'll shatter it

And breaking the boy, I'll bury him

But he will drown himself



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I honestly don't think I could be any less organized. 

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allets's picture

I Agree

Put like ideas and images together like the mirror images - expand them and let us see him reflected badly back at you or something like that. The emotional impact is there, but it's gloomy, and if he is GONE, HISTORY, then gloom should be celebnration.


You are gone

into your mirror to

be locked in and

reflected on no one

out here anymore.



Now he is joyously gone and good trails elsewhere! ~Lady A