Ode To Streets Of Broken Glass

Notes on Love

You've had your chance

I don't want your tears

I don't want your sobs

I don't want your pleas

I don't want to hear your voice

You've had your chance

And now it's hers


Once this heart beat for you

It thrived on your smile

And those eyes

But you grinned and took that heart

And smashed it on the street

Walking away on shattered peices

As they melted away at the heat of your footsteps


But now someone else has found the shards

Someone else is better than you

And you just can't handle that

Can you?


But in the end I'll say

I can't say I don't love you

Because I always will

You'll forever be engraved on my heart

But now that you're comfortalby

Out of my mind

I don't want to be around you

You've had your chance

And all this pain and grief

It just isn't worth the happiness


I love you

You've had your chance 

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