Based On Past Experience

Based on past experience

The crocodile will bite

The lion will kill

The deer will run

But only Man

Holds the capacity

To do all these daily

For much more

Than just survival


Based on past experience

The appendix will burst

The lungs will choke

The cancer will consume

But only Man

Is blessed with these redeemers

These retributive diseases

Sent from some hellish place

Beyond our deepest thoughts


Based on past experience

The heart will break

The kiss will fade

The love will die

But only Man

Is able to do such things

And so frequently

This world will tear in two

For the love of the smallest child

Being shattered like a skull under a hammer

By some sick fuck

That thinks otherwise


Based on past experience

Life is short

And death will claim us all



Or in fifty years

And still we are oblivious

Still we believe we are invincible

Jumping off buildings

Just to see how hard we can hit the ground

As if life wasn't short enough.

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 i             love it! and

 i             love it! and all i can say, history repeats itself in every step we take

~Grass is green~ <^>