Hiding In The Closet

Notes on Life

There's no light in the darkness

Ther's no love in the closet

Only old skeletons

Of lost lovers and friends

And honestly

It's not so bad in here


So around a campfire

We all will sit

And trade stories

Of tragedies

And how we got to this godforsaken place

Surrounded by thigh bones and cobwebs

We'll waste away the days


For our not so true loves to dig us out


And some of us

When the light breaks through the roof of death

Will jump into their arms

And scream "I missed you!"

And their heartbreakers will grab their asses

And say

"I missed you too,"


But not me

I'll sit around this goddamn campfire forever if i have to

I'm not going back

Then that's my noose

If love can truly kill

And it gets tighter everyday 

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