Light Up The Night

Notes on Love

Light up the night

With fireworks and cigarette butts

The world is going to remember

Exactly who I am tonight

And no girl like you is going to stop me

So when I get the text

That asks in a shocked tone

Did you do this when we dated?

I'll laugh and say always

Tossing my phone in the nearest cup of beer


I'll block you from mind

And with her sheen of sweat

I'll keep you out indefinitly

Purple may be the color of heartbreak

But I'm not heartbroken anymore

So the rules don't apply


Speaking of rules

Tonight I intend to break them

And with a girl as pretty as this one

I'll skip the serpentine words

And find a good bar

So dark

We forget who we are

And then elope raucously

To her house far away


But don't worry

I'll pick a strong girl

A girl much stronger than you

So that when she wakes up to an empty bed

She'll understand

And make coffee instead of tears

Probably smiling all the while

Matching my own

 As I get dressed on the way to work

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