The Final Revelation

Notes on Love

As I walk by

From across the room

You laugh and throw

Incantations of hatred

Lit underneath with seduction

That bruise my body and mind


Sweet is the sting of your love

But I endure it

Just for you


No one understands

No one knows this side of me

This part that leers at you with hatred

 For what you've done

Why can't I move on?


But I know i can't

I've tried

You laugh and call me a child

But I'll just smile and say

I wish I could


My body is free of your flesh

But my mind is locked with your thoughts

Why won't you let me be?


But then

In this final revelation

I realize that it's not your laugh

It's not your smile

Not your eyes, or your mouth, or your kisses

Or your hugs

Or your ass or your tits

It's me

And I'm the only one that can say


Author's Notes/Comments: 

And so concludes poems of sadness. Perhaps.

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