Pigs Don't Talk, And Blind Men Can't See

Notes on Life

Tell me child

Would you teach a pig to talk?

Or describe the world to a blind man?

Or a snail to run?

Or a dead man to be alive

You can't

And that's just the simple truth


So don't miss her

Don't worry that she won't come back

A girl as blind as her

To simple truths such as these

Won't last long out in the world

She needs you

Much more than you need her


You will be her rock

That she can stand upon or fall off

It's her choice

And if she falls don't move to catch her

She's not worth your time

I can gurantee you'll be happy without her


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The words of myself. If only they weren't lies.

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Brought to you

By Pella windows.

Do you see the world


Now ?