Being Pathetic

In Being

You laugh

As I cry

And deep down inside

I know it should be the other way around

Being pathetic

And wasting your time

Is something I do best

If I listened to you at all


And so you lie

To yourself

To the world

That I'm a freak

A two-faced, pathetic, creeper that doesn't deserve the life he's given

And maybe I am

But your the only one that says so


People tell me that it's not the end of the world

But it's different

When you are the center

And when you fail

Everything crumbles


And don't call me self-centered

Don't call me selfish or young

Don't contradict my actions

Because we all know

That you've been there as many times as I have

Put on the chopping block

And praying the executioner will miss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

FUN FACT: When Marie Antoinette's sister was sentenced to death, the executioner hit her in the shoulder and then in the back before actually beheading her.

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AlexC's picture

Very Nice

I love the way this was written, great job, lots to think about.

If you don't Passionatly defend your freedom, every waking moment of your life, at every possible opportunity, you never deserved it.