Rooftop Skies

Notes on Love

These rooftops

Whisper your name

As if I didn't already know you weren't beside me

And it breaks my heart

To watch these stars alone

And even they

Are tired of my tears of loneliness

And they sit lackluster in the sky


I can remember when they were bright

And that's the hardest part

To wake up from a dream when everything was perfect

Into a world where eveery color bleeds gray

And now

Whithout your head on my shoulder

Bundled up tight in a blanket that you got

From God-knows-where

I feel dead

And alone

The shine that lit the stars

Lit my heart as well


O the conversations we had

Where I could look up and the stars had run across the sky

To totally different places than before

As if they were trying to trick me


And the nights when I just held you

And you buried my face into my chest

Or perhaps the other way around

It's so hard to remember

When our hearts beat as one


So I'm writing this poem tonight

With broken shingles and  fallen stars as my witness

As if you could actually read it

As if it mean't anything at all

But you'd only laugh

And try to reach down inside me further

Calling me pathetic all the while

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