Over Yonder Hill

Over yonder hill

He says to me

The snaggle-toothed, drunken-ass man

Without a care in the world

He grins with a broken smile and repeats

Over yonder hill

Is where you're dreams come true


I looked around

And among this cement jungle

No hill bared its fangs at me

I laughed and called him a fool

But his voice stuck in my mind as I hurried home

His laugh echoing in my mind

As I hurried past the dank alleyways

And rotting garbage cans


The door is closed

The curtains are drawn

I lie on my bed


For the heat is unbearable

Ice does nothing to soothe my burning skin


And then it is gone

Leaving me as quickly as it had come

And I get up and check my phone

Just two texts

One says we're through

The other says I'm sorry

But your not

And now I'm okay with that


The man that sat in the lampost's light

On a friday evening all alone

Begging for money just so he could get drunk again

Was right

Happiness is just over the hill

We just have to choose how slowly we walk



Author's Notes/Comments: 

And whether we want to roll down the other side :)

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