For The World To See


There she stands

On a pedestal of bodies that she herself

Have taken the hearts of

All fuckin perfect and alive

Theres no sense

Theres no life

And with help from no one

I'll bring her down to earth

So that maybe among the normal folk

She won't be so better after all


I can't say I'll laugh as she cries

I can't say I'll be happy when she dies

Of shame and Anger

That swallowed her whole like a serpent

But in the end

I realize

A soul can't be truly happy

If their conceited and dead


So instead of trying to save her

I'll push her in the flames

And the smoke will curl around my face

So thick that I can't breathe

A stench of burnt flesh and guilt

But it was right

I promise

There was nothing left to save


When the ashes are cooled

And my eyes are dry

I'll kneel down

And pick her stone heart from the wreckage

Like a crow feasting on a lamb

And I'll whisper

I love you

But it had to be this way

If only you hadn't left

I wouldn't have to sit here and cry

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demigodess's picture

HOLY shit!

this is good :) really good. " like a crow feasting on a lamb" that line is gorgeous. i like you lol your poetry is just good stuff :)

~Grass is green~ <^>