Le Drac Noir

Notes on Life

And so he whispers

Silent and seductive

Wrapping his scaly claws about my neck

And traveling down my torso

Around my knees

He sits

And waits for you to draw near


Most notable

Are his eyes

Which burn with a yellow fire

Making his scales dull in comparison

A black sheen that ripples with color in sunlight

In stark contrast

Lie his teeth,

Jagged and razor sharp,

That gleam white when he snarls


He rises up

He opens his maw wide

And waits for me to enter

As if I had a choice

And in one swallow

Consumes me


His body is warm

And it burns my flesh

I scream and kick

And it infuriates his inflamed mind

As if I was a part of him

As if I was a weakness that he can't overcome


He thrashes and tears at the furniture

At the windows

At the walls

Nothing can stop him

He exults in his victory

And then

He dies

A flame with no oxygen left to spare

Leaving me to crawl out of his shell

Covered in blood and shame

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